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       S.C. G&B ASIGURANTA BROKER DE ASIGURARE S.R.L. is an insurance broker company, founded in 2004, authorized and registered by the Insurance Supervisory Commission under the number RBK 261/19.01.2005 . The society is member of G&B Leasing Gmbh Vienna Group. The headquarters is located in Arad, Ioan Alexandru street 25, the society having also a secondary office in Arad, Varful cu Dor street number 18.

     The society has 6 employees that manage and intermediate more than 1000 insurance policies of aproximately 900 clients. It is a team of professionals always at client’s disposal, having an experience of over four years in insurances activities and managing all the clients all over the country, Austria and Moldova Republic. The clients, beneficiaries of G&B Asiguranta assistance and having activities all over Europe can have the necessary safety by the insurance policies offered by us, regardless of the location and circumstances of their activities. The main type of insurances are the common insurances as CASCO and RCA but the society is also active on the non-common insurances (life, health, etc) market.

     The company is a partner of the majority of the main insurance operators on the romanian market, having partnership contracts with UNIQA, Astra, Omniasig, Allianz-Tiriac, Generali and Asirom.

     The fact that the company is a partner of the main insurance societies in Romania and that it intermediates all types of insurance policies demonstrates the trust these insurance societies have in us.






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